Summer School EFL/ESL/ESOL/TEFL 2019!
Summer School at Loughborough University, organised by Professional, Linguistic & Upper Studies (PLUS); It’s really fulfilling to see the improvements students made in their speaking, writing, vocabulary and listening activities.

Here we are again at the end of the Summer School handing out certificate of completion to students. Well done all!



pic loug certificate

My profile

I am a TEFL and CELTA qualified Teacher with over 5 years’ experience. I have taught all levels and age groups in a Secondary school, Summer school and College. I have MA. Applied Linguistics (Tefl), University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom, BA Hons. in Language Studies with English and French, as well as (CELTA) Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

During the teaching sections, I ensure that teaching meets British Council requirements at all times by ;

• Planning effective lessons which are appropriate to the needs of the students and the course aims of developing students’ skills;
• Selecting materials that are appropriate for the students and relevant for the activities scheduled outside class and preparing a coherent sequence of purposeful activities;
• Delivering dynamic and effective lessons that maintain learner interest, using appropriate teaching feedback and correction techniques;
• Managing resources appropriately and effectively to facilitate learning;
• Managing learning activities and interactions effectively to engage students;
• Showing sensitivity to the group and to individuals within the group to ensure a positive learning atmosphere;
• Assisting with student assessment, placement testing and oral interviews;
• Attending an induction session, daily morning meeting, staff training sessions, observation feedback sessions;
• Participating in diploma ceremonies;
• Preparing the classroom for use and taking care of school buildings and equipment;

• Meeting the administrative requirements of the course including completing teaching overviews, records of work, a class register and student reports;
• Promoting safeguarding and the welfare of all course participants

I have taught:-

  • EAL (English Additional Learners) as a Supply EFL Teacher at Lea Manor High School, Luton UK;
  • ESOL tutoring at Milton Keynes college, during the  College term and Summer school JCP Workshop; and
  • EFL tutoring in a Summer school with Professional Linguistic Upper Studies,
    at Loughborough University.