Coaching French Medical Professionals to secure Career opportunities by advancing their English Skills.

Barbara Ekenna, MA (tefl), BA Hons, CELTA
(English Coach for French Medical Professionals)

I help committed French Medical Professionals improve their job performance and secure future career opportunities by advancing their communication skills in English.

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The problem at this point is that your English is affecting your job performance. Oftentimes, you feel embarrassed because your foreign colleagues/patients have had a hard time understanding you when you speak in English. You don’t understand or know how to use Medical English vocabulary, idioms, expressions, and phrases to express yourself; or be able deal confidently with any career – related situations abroad.

You feel challenged when asking questions or diagnosing your foreign patients, collaborating and participating in international meetings with your foreign colleagues in English; as well as attending training sessions to learn about the latest procedures to enhance your practice in English or writing professional English emails/letters.

What scares you most is that you know, if you don’t change, you will get stuck with your current position and miss future career opportunities locally and internationally. You will not be able to best support your family or grow yourself to the next level.

Rest assured; you are not alone!

With my help, you can significantly improve your English communication skills; Your foreign colleagues/patients will be able to understand you clearly. You will be able to expand your Medical English vocabulary to better express yourself; have the confidence to ask questions or diagnose your foreign patients and have the confidence to participate in international meetings; collaborate with your foreign colleagues; deal confidently with any career – related situations abroad; attend international training sessions to learn about the latest procedures to enhance your practice and further write professional letters and emails in English; and become a reputable professional.

I am a TEFL and CELTA qualified Teacher with over 5 years’ experience. I have taught all levels and age groups in a Secondary school, Summer school and College. I have MA. Applied Linguistics (Tefl), University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom, BA Hons. in Language Studies with English and French, as well as (CELTA) Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

Let me know if you would like to book a free 30-min strategy session with me so that I can better understand your current situation and give you some advice on your immediate next steps to become an effective English communicator.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.
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