Writing Academic Assignments.

Having obtained three qualifications in six years, I would say that where you come from shouldn’t limit where you go. You can change your life if you are determined and focus on your dream.

I would be sharing steps I took in writing my assignments and achieving success. I obtained BA Hons. Language Studies with English and French in 2015; Cambridge English level 5 Certificate in teaching English to speakers of other languages (CELTA) (QCF) in 2016; and MA. Applied Linguistics (tefl) in 2017.
First step: Taking note.

Firstly, the step I took whilst writing academic assignment throughout my six years of intensive study as a mature student is taking a detailed note during class lectures. I believe that the art of note taking is vital in all aspect of learning and crucial to writing an assignment or dissertation. Information could be lost quickly over time if there’s no strategy or effort to retain it.

It works well for me to remember what was learnt in the class when I write it down in bullet points, then go back to read it and expatiate on when writing my assignment. I think writing notes by hand is much better for long terms memory of ideas or conceptual information. I analyse my notes thoroughly, review and keep reviewing them, highlight the key terms and include vital examples. Also, while making my notes, I tend to write any questions or doubts and research into later.
Look out for my second step in my next blog.
What’s your opinion on writing notes by hand? Does it work for you in terms of remembering it? When the information is needed for a write-up? What are your tips for note making?

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