English language summer school for EFL/ESL learners.

My Chinese young learners were really amazing during the last summer school. Students had a great time while learning and bonding with peers. We had split activities; Learning, outdoor games and memorable excursions.


Final day saying goodbye to my little ones and handing out their certificates. It was awesome and a great experience!



Is English your second language or Foreign language? (ESL/EFL)
Check out our Educational workshop and training services:-
• Language training –EFL/ESOL/EAL/FRENCH (for Children and Adults).

• Workshop on Language Acquisition:
– English (EFL/ESOL/EAL/ESL)
– Modern Foreign Languages

• Fun French Workshop for Children and Adults.
English Summer School is very important for EFL/ESL Learners.

Where have you sent your children in the past to improve their language skills?
Any plans for this summer?


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