Good or bad Accent when speaking English.

People talk often about good and bad accent when speaking English.  Nevertheless, good or bad accent is nothing to be concerned when speaking English.  It’s important to note that people have different accents, and English is spoken in a lot of different countries. Also, people speak with different accents within countries where English is their mother tongue.  Therefore, we cannot really say that one is good or bad. Although one may sound more natural to native speakers living in certain areas than others. For example, if you’re speaking to someone from the South of the UK, they may find it more natural to listen to British accent or an accent from another part of the UK.  Also, if you’re speaking to an American, they might find it more natural to listen to a local accent or an American accent.

However, a lot of people speak in various different ways and they can be just as accurate. Therefore, we cannot really say an accent is good or bad.

Is there anything like good or bad accent when speaking English?
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